Lorraine Parish Clothing

Lorraine Parish Biography

Lorraine ParishStyle has been in Lorraine Parish's blood since she left her native Alabama after high school to study with the Joffrey Ballet in New York. When an injury curtailed her dance career, she opened an antique clothing store in Baltimore, Maryland where she renewed her interest in sewing and designing by revamping vintage clothing.

When she traveled to Europe and lived in Ibiza, Spain, she began making blouses and dresses on a treadle machine and sold them to local boutiques. Her return to New York in 1976 and the subsequent sale of her designs to Henri Bendel's which were featured in their windows, launched her fashion career.

After falling in love with Martha's Vineyard during a summer trip in 1979, she packed up her loft in Tribeca, moved to the island and never looked back! She opened her first Lorraine Parish store in the town of Chilmark in the summer of 1980. In 1986, she discontinued wholesaling and debuted her first retail catalog which met with national recognition. By 1988, Lorraine had opened Lorraine Parish stores in Aspen, Boston and Nantucket.

While she continued to create her simple yet elegant clothing all through the 1990's, in 2002 she turned her eye to the world of home furnishing fabric design and received national press for her work.

Lorraine's celebrity clientele over the years have included Carly Simon, Debra Winger, Judy Collins, Mary Steenburgen, Mariel Hemmingway, Wendy Malick, Demi Moore, Liz Smith, Cynthia McFadden, and Marlo Thomas. Today, Lorraine lives with her two standard poodles Rudy and Pearl in Vineyard Haven, runs her clothing and home stores and in the winter months teaches the young and not so young ladies of the island her trade.