Lorraine Parish Clothing

Lorraine Parish Wedding Attire

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Shantung Swing Rose Collar Dress 

Mocha Silk Satin Rose Collar Dress

Silver Silk Satin Rose Collar Dress

Red Silk Crepe Rose Collar Dress

Black Silk Velvet Rose Collar Dress

Dior Silk Organza And Silk Satin Evening Dress

Silk Organza And Taffeta Dior Dress

Silk Butterfly Fitted Dress

Cotton Eyelet Fitted Dress

Marys Cotton Floral Empire Dress

Silk Crepe Short Rose Collar Dress

Versailles Silk Satin Bow Dress

Double Breasted Portrait Jacket

Sleeveless Cotton Floral Piquedress

Rose Pique Givenchy Suit

Rose Cotton Pique V Neckline Fitted Dress

Cowl Neckline Givenchy Silk Jacket

Silver Dior

Silk Navy Rose Collar

Sleeveless Pink Satin Rose Collar Dress

Silk Tafetta Duster

Cotton Pique Rose Collar Dress

Marys Cotton Empire Dress

Calalily Bustier And Pencil Skirt Ensemble

Silk Sarong Dress

Long Silk Poiret Wrap Dress

Cotton Polka Dot Rose Collar Dress